Thursday, February 16, 2012

Funny Boy Carter....

Carter is such a funny boy and today he was on a roll. I wanted to blog this so we can remember the funny things that he says.

Today we had to take Addison to see a GI doctor for her reflux. On the way there, Carter asked what we were doing and I told him that we were taking Addison to the doctor. "Dr. Nefario?", he asked. (a character on the movie, Despicable Me)

When the doctor entered the room, Carter was sitting on the rolling stool, playing his nintendo DS. I told him to let the doctor have his chair but the doctor said it was ok, Carter could keep using it. Later in the appointment, the doctor asked Carter if he could borrow the chair to examin Addison. A few minutes into the exam, Carter looked at the doctor, with a straight face, and said, "Can I have my chair back?".

While at the doctor, the doctor asked if Carter and Addison were my only children. I told him that I had a 7 year old son. Carter chimmed in to say "my brother's name is Bryce, B-R-Y-C-E and I'm Carter, C-A-R-T-E-R. My dad is Shawn and he is 30 (he is really 31)." We just chuckled.

Anytime someone is looking at/playing with Addison, he has to tell them that she has a birthmark on her back. He even tries to show them.

Whenever someone talks to Addison, Carter promptly tells them that she can't talk yet.

Carter is getting so big and keeps us laughing all the time.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I am so blessed to have these beautiful kids as my Valentines!

Addison Noelle (5 months old and 1st Valentine's Day)

Carter and Addison (they love each other so much)

The three amigos! Bryce (7), Addison (5 months) and Carter (4)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Back to blogging...

Well, almost 2 years to the day since my last blog post, I am back and giving this blog another chance. Alot has happened in 2 years and I hope to start blogging again to keep a record of memories for my kids.

One of the biggest things that has happened since I last blogged was the addition of our beautiful baby girl, Addison, to our family. We were blessed with her arrival on September 6, 2011 @ 12:10 pm. She arrived almost 1 year after one of the most devistating events in our life, the miscarriage of our 3rd baby. God's timing couldn't have been more perfect. We feel so blessed and are so thankful for a healthy baby girl.

Addison's arrival has brought such joy to our family and helped mend our broken hearts. The boys are so in love with their little sister and so are Mom and Dad.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Carter - 2 1/2 years old

Carter is now 2 1/2 and is such a funny and loving little boy. I wanted to remember a few things about him at this age, so here goes:

1. sleeps with Mommy every night (except the nights that she works, then it is Daddy's turn)
-If Mommy goes to another bed, Carter follows her all night long
- sleeps right up next to Mommy, no space in between
2. not interested in potty training but hates taking the time to have his diaper changed
-when he does use the potty, he climbs up and crouches down, facing the back of the toilet
3. knows all of the alphabet, can count to 15, knows shapes and most colors
4. loves sweet tea and when he gets up in the morning, he will say to Shawn "want some teaf" (how he says tea)
5. loves when his Daddy comes home and has to be picked up and hugged right away
6. loves sharing "pockcorn" with his Daddy
7. goes to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday's
8. entertains himself and loves to play with trains or cars
9. when practicing the letters of the alphabet, he will not say the word "letter" but instead says number B
10. is a very picky eater but will eat any kind of junk food ex. honey buns, cupcakes, doritos, cheetos, french fries, fruit snacks
11. loves his brother Bryce but will also fight with him and does not back down in the fight
-Carter usually has to be pulled off of Bryce (when he was a baby, we were worried about how he would defend himself against Bryce :)

He is just growing too fast and I wish that I could slow it down and keep him little for a while longer.

I love you Carter!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Carter's 1st Movie @ AMC theaters


For Bryce's birthday, we took the boys to the movies to see The Squeakquel. This was Carter's first time to go to the theater to see a movie. We did not have a babysitter and since it was a kids movie, we decided to take him with us. The movie was about an hour and a half and he did really good for the first hour. He sat in my lap, ate popcorn and watched the movie. After the first hour, he was walking in the aisle and changing seats. He was quite though, so it wasn't too bad. The boys really liked the movie and now every time we drive by the AMC theater, Carter says "Chipmunks".

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve Snow.....

We recently went to Hot Springs, Arkansas to see my niece, Madilyn, in her cheerleading competition. While we were there, we took Bryce and Madilyn to see Santa. When Santa asked Bryce what he wanted for Christmas, Bryce said "a snowball fight". We laughed because he had not said this before and because it rarely snows in Texas. Well, on Christmas Eve, Bryce got his Christmas wish. I think that this was the first time that he played in snow. I couldn't believe that it was snowing and my heart was so warm because my son was getting his wish. GOD can do amazing things!

Tasting the snow!

There wasn't too much snow on the ground, so he made a snow angel on the trampoline.

Gathering snow to make a snowball to throw at Mommy!

Even he was amazed that it was snowing!!

This face says it all!! Pure JOY!

Eating snowflakes!
We did not stay out too long because it was very cold and the wind was blowing really strong. Bryce had a great time and I am so glad that he got his Christmas wish. Watch the video below to see him in action!
** Carter was sleeping and it was too cold to take him outside. He is also getting over an ear infection, so he will have to wait until the next time it snows in Texas to have a snowball fight**

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sugar Cookie Baking Round #2

Round 2 of making cookies for Santa!!

Bryce loves to help me cook. He really loves cracking the eggs open and he is getting really good at it.

Carter had to help roll out the dough.

Bryce is getting so big and could do most of this by himself.

The final product and one proud cookie baker!!

Carter enjoyed the sprinkles!!